Song Ji Hyo Says She Used Long Nails and Red Hair for Her Role in ‘The Witch’s Diner’

Song Ji Hyo The Witch's Diner

Song Ji Hyo will show a whole new side of her with ‘The Witch’s Diner.’

Song Ji Hyo The Witch's Diner
Credit: TVING

The Witch’s Diner is a fantasy series about a witch Hee Ra (Song Ji Hyo), her partner Jin (Nam Ji Hyun), and a part-timer Gil Yong (Chae Jong Hyeop) working in a witch’s restaurant that sells wish-granting food in exchange for the customers’ souls. It will be released as TVING original series.

“The original work by Koo Sang Hee was already popular. So when I heard that it’s being made into a drama, I wanted to know how it would be made into a video,” Song shared. “I was attracted to the power of the story when I read the script, so I finished reading it in a heartbeat.”

Song Ji Hyo The Witch's Diner
Credit: TVING
Song Ji Hyo The Witch's Diner
Credit: TVING

The actress also showed special affection for her character, Hee Ra. “Witch Hee Ra is nothing like the role I’ve played before, so I got excited before going into the first shoot,” she said. “Because she’s a witch, she has unusual and mysterious looks. She’s got long nails, and even her eyes and hair are different from ordinary people. You can’t guess what she’s thinking.”

Song had to work a lot on creating someone who looks and thinks differently. She explained, “I wanted to avoid the typical image of a witch that people think of. So I talked a lot with the production staff and my stylist team.”

“From the small accessories, I tried to give off a delicate and unique vibe by wearing long nails, red hair, and clothes with eye-catching prints. Also, since Hee Ra makes soul food, I tried to make an urban and modern image of a witch,” Song added.

The Witch’s Diner will premiere on July 16th.

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