Park Seo Joon’s Old Interview Sparks a Heated Debate

Park Seo Joon
Park Seo Joon
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The interview Park Seo Joon conducted seven years ago sparked a heated debate online.

In 2014, Park interviews that he wished his future wife would stay at home and look after the family. “I was raised in such a household, so I want that for my kid too,” he said. “The concept of life is established when we are a child. Kids who weren’t loved tend to have problems when they grow older. Either they have a hard time with relationships or become criminals in the worst-case scenario.”

“I will be a good bad, but children need mother next to them. It may not be the correct answer, but it’s the correct answer for me now,” he added.

When asked about his taste in women, he shared, “I like women that I can protect. I like ladies who bother me and make me worry.”

However, when his past resurfaced online, some people expressed negative opinions. “His statement can be problematic. According to that, kids who are raised by a single parent or their grandparents or orphans are all possible criminals,” one wrote. Another person wrote, “That’s a patriarchal and outdated belief.”

On the other hand, some took a neutral attitude, saying, “He just said what he wants. What’s wrong with that?”

Meanwhile, Park Seo Joon is currently filming the film Concrete Utopia.


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  • People are so ready to condemn someone else’s opinion! These are his views, patriarchal, who cares? He wants good for his children, what’s wrong with that? Hopefully he chooses a woman who wants what he wants.

  • What SHOULD tick everyone off is how little people think of stay-at-home moms. if this is what he wants – someone to care for their children and he wants to support them, I’m sure there is some woman out there who would be most happy to do that. It’s NUNYA… none of your business. If the two are happy, you have nothing to say about it. My choice was different, but me being a working woman does not mean I don’t think women who choose to raise children have it easy. They have one of the hardest jobs in the world – to raise productive, nice, happy children. People – just butt out of everyone’s lives.

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