Jeon Yeo Bin Says She Has Learned So Much From Performing in ‘Vincenzo’

Jeon Yeo Bin Vincenzo
Jeon Yeo Bin Vincenzo
Credit: Marie Clarie

In a recent interview and pictorial for Marie Clarie magazine, Jeon Yeo Bin reflected on her career and goals as an actress.

Jeon Yeo Bin Vincenzo
Credit: Marie Clarie

The interviewer pointed out that Jeon has been active in her career playing various characters such as Young Hee from After My Death’s glory, Eunjeong from Be Melodramatic, Jae Yeon from Night in Paradise, and Cha Young from Vincenzo. When she was asked what she felt while playing such versatile roles, she answered, “I think everyone shares a sense of desire, love, and loneliness. What makes characters vary is that how those emotions are expressed. Since they all have their own unique lives, I try not to trespass or borrow too many ideas from each of them. As an actress, I feel responsible for protecting each character’s identity.”

When she was asked if her profession, which needs a deep understanding and exploration of a person’s life, affects her own life, she answered, “It has a very positive impact on my life. There’s a lot to learn. To understand a character, I need to embrace one big universe. Thanks to that, I’ve grown a big heart while pursuing this career.”


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