‘Penthouse 3’: The Uncomfortable Confrontation of the Three

Credit: SBS

SBS’The Penthouse 3: War in Life revealed the scene of Kim So Yeon, Um Ki Joon, and Yoon Jong Hoon exchanging eye contact after facing each other at Hera Palace.

In the second episode, Chun Seo Jin managed to sign a contract to re-enter Hera Palace by threatening Joo Dan Tae with his CCTV footage, dressed as an old man by the time of the explosion of Logan Lee’s car.

Ha Yoon Chul, framed by Joo Dant Tae’s scheme, returned to the Hera Club meeting after getting out of prison. Soon, he showed his respect and remained loyal to Joo Dant Tae, giving a big shock.

Credit: SBS

And with all that, Kim So Yeon, Um Ki Joon, and Yoon Jong Hoon came across one another on the 85th floor of Hera Palace. Joo Dan Tae puts his hand around Cheon Seo Jin’s shoulder in front of Ha Yoon Chul, trying to act like an endearing husband, and his satisfied smile triggers audiences’ anger.

Meanwhile, Chun Seo Jin glares at Ha Yoon Chul with hate as if she was disgusted by his presence. Ha Yoon Chul, on the other hand, looks hopeless. Attention is focused on why Joo Dan Tee called Ha Yoon Chul home and why the vengeful Ha Yoon Chul became loyal to Joo Dan Tae.


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