Jang Na Ra Says There Was No Romance Planned in ‘Sell Your Haunted House’ From the Beginning

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On June 16th, Jang Na Ra had a video interview in celebration of Sell Your Haunted House‘s finale. The series got much love and appreciation from the audience for mixing the modern-day’s hot topic of real estate and the occult. According to Nielsen TV ratings, the first episode garnered an average viewership rating of 5.3 percent. And it earned a peak rating of 6.9 percent.

The exorcist duo Ji Ah(Jang Na Ra) and In Beom(Jung Yong Hwa) received a lot of love. There were lots of calls for the two’s romance from fans. When she learned that there’s a lot of disappointed fans, Jang Na Ra frankly replied, “We had meetings during the planning stage, and we made our decision not to have romance on the show.”

“I liked the relationship between Mulder and Scully. The fans hoped they started loving each other, but there wasn’t any of that. The exorcist duo Ji Ah and In Beom have a relationship where they can trust each other with their lives. It’s beyond romance,” she explained.

She shared that she chose to star in Sell Your Haunted House because of her character’s originality. “I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get a chance to play an exorcist in my life. That’s why I was drawn to her, not to mention the great script,” she said.

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Jang Na Ra also revealed that she wanted to play Hong Ji Ah because she seems cold outside but is warm on the inside. She said, “It’s not a common genre. I liked how it touched on common issues like real estate. It also had many stories about families. I thought mixing all that with the occult would create something refreshing. Maybe that’s what attracted viewers.”

On Sell Your Haunted House, she presented a daring character she’s never shown the public before. She said, “I worked a lot on the tone of my voice, the facial expressions, and how I speak. Things like my character’s personality and her way of speaking were all in the script, so I tried to convey them well. As you can see, with my features, it’s hard for me to look sharp and fierce. I kept practicing the glance to look sharp. I used a lot of the tones when I speak to my older brother, like when I mess around with him or dare him.”

Jang Na Ra made her debut with the first album First Story and expanded her career into acting. It’s already been 20 years since her debut. She emphasized that Sell Your Haunted House is a new beginning for her. “It was a tough but meaningful show. I want to keep exploring different sides of me even after this show. And I hope Sell Your Haunted House can be the starting point of that.”


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  • Umm, there was a huge romance between Mulder and Scully they even had a baby….

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