GOT7’s Choi Young Jae Says to Look Forward to His First Acting Performance

Credit: Netflix

Choi Young Jae from GOT7 expressed his determination to perform as an actor and shared his thoughts at the Netflix So Not Worth It‘s online production presentation.

Choi Young Jae plays Sam, a sophomore Korean-Australian student. He said, “It’s my first time showing my acting performance to the fans.” And he added. “I’m just happy, relieved, and grateful that you’ll be able to see a new side of me as you watch the show.”

“There are a lot of things I have to pay attention to when I’m acting, and those are very different from the things that I have to be careful when I am on the stage. I think I become more sensitive on the stage rather than in front of the camera. The cast and producers were so nice that I only recall a happy memory of this filming set. Since we’ve done great performances on the stage, I hope I could do the same in this sitcom,” he continued.

Netflix’s original series So Not Worth It will premiere on the 18th. It is a youthful sitcom featuring love, friendship, and laughter among international dorm students.


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