APRIL Naeun’s Sister Posts Naeun’s Diary to Defend Her, But More Controversies Have Been Raised

APRIL’s Naeun’s sister tried to defend the singer, but her “best intention” ended up backfiring.

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On June 13th, Naeun’s sister A took her Instagram to defend her sister, who has been accused of bullying her former teammate Hyunjoo. “My younger sister, whom I have seen all my life, is a gentle girl who has lots of worries,” she wrote.

She continued. “I’ve been worried that she might make a wrong choice because of this incident. All the accusations were such lies that I desperately believed that the truth would eventually come out one day. But only persecution was waiting for her.” Along with the lengthy post, A also released pictures of Naeun’s handwritten diary.

Credit: Naeun’s sister’s Instagram, Wikitree

The released diary entries included the following sentences: “I looked back on my life, and I had nothing. Everything became a scar to me. Even if I do kind things, nothing good was returned.” “I’m tired. I’m exhausted.” “This too will pass, and I’ll be okay.” “Why am I so unlucky, and why is no one comforting me?”

However, some people adjusted the brightness to read what’s written on the back. They found out that this was written on one of the pages – “I feel dirty just being with her (or him). I hope she disappears in front of my eyes.”

Credit: Naeun’s sister’s Instagram, Wikitree

Soon, people showed mixed reactions to A’s post. Some defended A and Naeun, saying, “Don’t speculate. That could be about anyone.” However, more people agreed to the comment, “Naeun’s sister dissed Naeun. Also, this includes no fact, only emotional pleas.”

To make matters worse, A was accused of being a school perpetrator. B, who claims to the victim of A’s school violence, left a lengthy comment on A’s post.

“I have no feelings for your sister, but it’s just ridiculous and absurd that you would defend her,” B wrote. And she continued, “I don’t even want to think about you. I don’t care about your sister, your parents, and Naeun’s agency. But if you have a conscience, please be quiet.” After B posted the comment, A turned her account to private.


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