‘Whispering Corridor 6: The Humming’ Drops Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek

Credit: KTH, CJ CGV

Whispering Corridor 6: The Humming dropped a behind-the-scenes sneak peek.

In this clip, we can get a glimpse of the actresses who played the students in the movie, such as Kim Hyun Soo, who lightened up the mood on the set, Choi Ri, and Kim Hyung Seo(BIBI). And, we also can catch a glimpse of Kim Seo Hyung, who created a fun and down-to-earth vibe at the movie set.

First of all, Kim Seo Hyung, who played Eun Hee, had many stunts where she had to jump or fall down. There were times where she fainted after hitting her head on the ground while doing the fighting scene herself. Secondly, Kim Hyun Soo, who played Ha Young, surprised the film crew with every take. Thirdly, Choi Ri, who played So Yeon, passionately continued to participate in the movie even after being injured. And lastly, Kim Hyung Seo, who played a mysterious figure Jae Yeon, shared that it is her first time acting in a movie. Even though she had to wear special movie makeup for more than an hour at every shoot, she stayed fun and �feisty.

Whispering Corridor 6: The Humming centers around Eunhee, who returns to her alma mater as a vice principal after having forgotten her recollections of the past. She meets troubled student Hayoung, who leads her to a long-hidden area in the school. In the process, she discovers a horrifying, long-forgotten truth about her high school years.


Source: KTH, CJ CGV

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