Former Reporter Kim Yong Ho Has Chosen Choi Ji Woo as His New Target

Choi Ji Woo is now the new hot topic

Credit: Cosmopolitan

Today, the public’s attention was focused on actress Choi Ji Woo’s husband. This is because former reporter Kim Yong Ho of the “Garo Sero Institue” YouTube channel raised suspicions about Choi and her husband.

Not long ago, Kim released the picture of Han Ye Seul, Han Ga In, Cha Ye Ryun, Ko So Young, and Choi Ji Woo together, claiming that they are “karaoke friends.” He further claimed that Han Ye Seul’s current boyfriend is a male host and that it was Choi who introduced the two.

Credit: Kim Yong Ho’s YouTube Channel

Since then, he threatened the actresses to shut down their social media accounts if they don’t want him to disclose their private lives. Ko and Cha continued their social media channels, while Han posted a video that refutes all Kim’s claims. And Choi stayed silent on the matter.

In the latest video, Kim revealed the photos of Choi’s husband, boasting the fact that he is the first one to release them. He even had time to acclaim Choi’s husband’s buff figure. “He’s nine years younger than Choi Ji Woo. So he is about the same age as Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend,” Kim added.

Credit: “Garo Sero Institue” YouTube

But what’s worse came after. Kim revealed a photo of the exterior of a motel and said, “I received a shocking tip-off. Choi Ji Woo bought a car for her husband, and he drove to this motel with that car. But the problem was the lady sitting in the passenger seat. She wasn’t Choi Ji Woo.”

In the past, Dispatch reported that Choi’s husband is the CEO of an app company. At the time of marriage, Choi shared that she and her husband dated for a year, but in fact, they had been dating for at least three years.

YG Entertainment issued its official statement about the ongoing threats and allegations. “Choi Ji Woo and her husband are currently living a happy newlywed life as they stay faithful to their family and work. Please understand Choi Ji Woo’s wish to protect her spouse and family and refrain from making groundless speculations.”


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