OCN’s ‘Dark Hole’ Ends on a Low Note

Credit: OCN

Dark Hole has ended on a low note, garnering an average viewer rating of 0 percent.

Dark Hole tells a story about the people who survived amid the mysterious smoke that streams out from a sinkhole and turns people inhaling it into violent mutants.

It was expected to expand the spectrum of the genre with unprecedented subjects such as mutants, serial killers, and shamanism. However, it failed to deliver a refreshing plot. Instead, it was a combination of genres that have recently gained popularity, such as zombies, creatures, aliens, occults, and crimes. It did not meet the audience’s expectations, who already have set a high standard with well-made series such as Kingdom and Sweet Home. Moreover, Kim Ok Bin and Lee Joon Hyuks’ best efforts were not paid off much.

In the end, Dark Hole was shunned by viewers. Dark Hole, which started with a viewer rating close to 1 percent (Nielsen Korea nationwide), has failed to attract viewers since then. In the end, the series ended with low ratings, leaving a shameful record in OCN’s history.


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