KeyEast Terminated Their Contract with Actor Ji Soo

Credit: KeyEast

KeyEast has terminated its exclusive contract with actor Ji Soo.

On the morning of the 27th, the agency revealed its decision to part ways with Ji Soo. “We have terminated our exclusive contract with actor Ji Soo,” they wrote.

“We came to a conclusion that it is currently difficult for Ji Soo to carry out his career,” they added. “And we finally decided to terminate the contract under the mutual agreement to respect the actor’s intention not to cause further harm to the agency.”

Regarding the ongoing lawsuit against River Where the Moon Rises production company, KeyEast shared, “We will do our best to reach an amicable settlement to the related lawsuit.”

Last October, KeyEast and Ji Soo partnered up with an exclusive contract. However, the recent allegations of Ji Soo’s school violence seem to have played a major part in the contract termination.

Since the actor got caught up in the school violence allegations in March, he dropped out of the production of River Where the Moon Rises. Though the actor personally apologized, Victory Contents sued the agency for 3.00 billion KRW (about $2.67 million) in financial damages.

However, Victory Contents claimed that KeyEast is refusing to pay the compensation fees regarding the damages that Ji Soo caused. On the 26th, the company issued a statement, where they wrote, “KeyEast is claiming that Ji Soo’s departure from the drama was a one-sided decision from our production company and that therefore, they are not responsible for a breach of contract.”


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  • Many fans think his representatives have made a wrong decision and a hasty one. Teenagers do silly and bad things. We have all made bad mistakes and things we have regretted. He was 14 years old then. He did apologize. Why cancel the production when it was almost finished. Totally a bad decision. Well I sincerely hope that after his military training he will return to acting. To err is human to forgive is divine All people commit sins and make mistakes and the people that have been bullied should have approached him long time ago. Why now? Too much hate or a hidden agenda. That was also bad on their part.

    • I totally agree. What a person did in their past shouldn’t reflect in the future. I don’t know not one person in this world who wasn’t bullied or was the bully. Kids do stupid things and they grow to learn. I pray for his safe return from the military and do his best to stay away from haters.

    • I agree. Other than his transgressions as a teenager he’s led a pretty exemplary life. It seems unfair for him to be ostracized for something he did many years ago. Nobody is perfect and at least he was honest and apologized for his past behavior. Most people when confronted about their past tend to lie and hide their wrong doings. I hope things work out for him after he completes his military service.

  • I liked him as an actor, so I am sorry that he damaged a promising career. He’s having a hard lesson that actions have consequences. I hope he doesn’t beat himself up, but take this as an opportunity to examine thinking and behaviors that are destructive.

  • Me estremese el corazón de solo pensar lo que puede estar pasando en su mente al sentir que esta siendo abandonado y juzgado muy duramente por errores que cometio en su adolescencia espero que sus amigos permanezcan cerca y lo animen y que todo lo que ahora esta pasando no se convuerta en en adios de la actuación. 💔

  • Útálom hogy így bántak vele.Aki ilyen rosszakat írt az interneten annak kellene fizetni.

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