Ji Soo Files Lawsuit Against False Accusations Of Sexual Violence

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Ji Soo took legal actions against the false accusations of sexual violence.

Ji Soo’s legal team made an official statement on May 27th, saying, “When the accusations of school violence were made, the client uploaded a hand-written letter on social media. He contacted every victim he could and asked for forgiveness in person. Some claims were different from the truth or turned out to be false. But, the client did not take any legal action against such claims to show his remorse for his past behavior.

“However, claims that are clearly false, such as the accusation that ‘he had committed sexual crimes,’ were shared online. And now, such claims are being accepted as if they are truths. As a result, the client filed a criminal complaint about defamation to correct false information and reveal the truth. Now the people who uploaded false claims online are under investigation,” they continued.

Finally, they added, “In the future, he will continue to take legal action against those who defame him by spreading lies and insult him using unspeakable words.”


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  • Just saying the accusations are false will not be enough. I hope he has the evidence to back it up because this will be tried in the court of social media first.

    • I, for one, am tired of people who use the anonymity of the internet to post false information about public figures. To me, it comes across as someone who is insecure and needs to tear other down in order to feel good about themselves. I am glad to see more celebrities stepping up and not taking it anymore.

  • I think he has every right to do so. The bullying he did was wrong. But he was an adolescent and whom at that age did not do nasty/bad behavior. The people involved why did they not take action then? Why wait 15 years (a think a lot of hate and jealousy involved) why try now to destroy his life/carrier. Those who false accused him must be brought to justice. As for the production, management and agents, they have made a bad decision by not allowing him to continue with the drama. After his military training I am sure he will come out stronger and will get a lot of work again. Time will tell. Ji Soo be strong 💪

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