Ji Soo Gave an Update on Lawsuit Against Sexual Assault Accusations and Warns of Further Legal Actions

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Ji Soo warned of legal actions against sexual assault and bullying accusations.

On the 6th, Ji Soo’s legal representative, law firm Shin & Kim, revealed, “In March, there has been an online post accusing our client of sexual assault. Based on the search operation of the given IP, the police have specified the author of false articles. And they have confirmed that the individual has no connection with the client whatsoever.”

The firm continued, “The author is a soldier who recently enlisted in the military. And he admitted that he wrote the post and that all of its contents are from his imagination.” They added, “He explained that he had written the false post out of nervousness over his approaching military enlistment and sincerely apologized to the client. Furthermore, he requested leniency because he is now serving in the military, and his mother is battling illness.”

Lastly, they gave an update on the post accusing Ji Soo of school violence that the related investigation is currently ongoing.


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>> Ji Soo Files Lawsuit Against False Accusations Of Sexual Violence

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