K-Movie Review: ‘You’re so Precious to Me’: The Unpolished Narrative


Edited by Hong Hyun Jung
Translated by Kim yeo un


There is a child who can’t see or hear things but feels the world with her fingertips. You’re so precious to me is a heartfelt story about a special connection between a child with audio-visual impairment and an immature adult.

Jae Sik, who runs a small agency, is troubled about his employee Ji Young’s sudden death. When there was no way to get the money back he had lent her, he decided to visit her house in person and find something worth the money. But there’s nothing he could get in an old, filthy apartment. There is only a child hiding under the desk all day long, unhappy with the sudden visit of the stranger. Jae Sik tries to coax her for more information about money, but she doesn’t respond to him at all. Thanks to the landlord who visited out of the blue, he found out that the house had a deposit.


You’re so precious to me begins as Jae Sik, who needs money, claims to be the fake father of Eun Hye, Ji Young’s daughter, for the house deposit. However, the plan does not go smoothly. Communication between the two has repeatedly failed because he doesn’t know that Eun Hye has audio-visual impairment. Jae Sik finally recognizes the situation of Eun Hye and tries to win her heart by changing the way he communicates with her. Eun Hye, who stays in her small world under the desk, gradually lets her guard down and opens her heart to Jae Sik, who tries to reach out to her.

Although Jae Sik was after the money, soon he assimilated into her pure heart and shared the connection of a real family. Although it is difficult for him to pull his own weight, he feels more and more for her unfortunate situation in the blind spot of welfare and care from society. There is no law defining or regulating audio-visual impairment, so she does not have access to a proper primary education. The same went for the experience on the streets when they went out together.

The intention of the film is clear. Through the process of building a relationship between immature Jae Sik and neglected Eun Hye, it calls attention to disabled people who have been excluded from our daily lives.

The movie pleads that impaired people with complex disabilities like Eun Hye struggle to receive a proper education. However, the film shows the tragic reality and pays attention to the fact that the two have become precious to each other and share their hearts. Jae Sik, who approached her with different intentions, became sincere with her enough to teach her the Korean alphabet by writing it on her palm one by one. Eun Hye, who couldn’t read any emotions when she first met Jae Sik, got her smile back and showed curiosity to the world.

Actors’ performances bring vitality and warmth to the story. In particular, Jeong Seo Yeon, who played a seven-year-old Eun Hye, is impressive. She moved Jae Sik’s heart and deeply affected the audience with her outstanding acting talent. She immersed herself into the role of a girl who felt the loneliness and wariness with her impairment and showed the child’s innocence in her age, solidifying the intention of directing. Jin Gu, who leads the play together, firmly supports Eun Hye in the movie for her to act freely. Jang Hye Jin, who played the landlord, set the film’s mood and made her delightful presence.


However, the stale narrative fades the film’s good intentions. The story of a troubled man and a lonely child bonding and becoming a family-like relationship is a bit of a cliché. Plus, the character is flat. The troubled man experiences changes in his heart by the pure spirit of the child. As a result, the isolated child comes out to the world. The narrative goes precisely in the flow that you can imagine. Jae Sik, who is in a hurry to get the money, raises a small laugh here and there along the way to win the heart of Eun Hye without looking suspicious to people around. Nonetheless, the narrative is too loose and dull. They could’ve had more attractive ways to show the good intentions of the film.

Especially when moneylenders are harassing them in the second half of a movie, the cliché of the scene makes the viewer even frown. At least, the characters are good-hearted in general. They are emotionally stable, so they could finally and safely reach the movie’s ending compared to the rattling storytelling. It would have been much nicer if the viewers could resonate with the story of two, just like how Jae Sik won the heart of Eun Hye. It leaves me the lingering disappointment.


Verdict: Failed to make the audiences resonate with the story (5/10)


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