Lee Je Hoon is Reluctant to Do His Own Stunts; Leaving the Rough and Tumble to the Professionals

Credit: SBS
Credit: SBS

Lee Je Hoon is currently playing as the driver of Rainbow Taxi Company, Kim Do Gi, in SBS’s Fri-Sat series Taxi Driver. The character is a former Captain of the 707th Special Mission Squad who takes revenge for mistreated victims.

There are many action scenes due to the nature of the series. Lee Je Hoon especially demonstrated his action scenes in the second and fourth episodes. However, these scenes are somewhat awkward. That is because he used a stunt double. While it is common for actors to use a stunt double, Taxi Driver uses them even in unnecessary scenes.

Credit: SBS

In the second episode of the show, his character showed up doing stunts with a mask on. The person behind the mask was not Lee Je Hoon. In episode 4, Lee Je Hoon performed the action scene on the rooftop, but his double took care of all the dynamic moves. While the production crew could have done a better job by finding someone with a similar build and hairstyle as the actor, unfortunately, we could tell them apart way too quickly.

Lee Je Hoon’s own stunts are also quite patchy. Despite his muscular and agile-looking body, the way he drags himself is dull. Such sluggishness stops him from acting in good postures, and it explains why he needs a stunt double for the show.

Credit: Daily Sports

Perfect stunt acting is not mandatory for the actors. However, because he receives around 100 Million won per episode, some claim that he lacks responsibility as a main character. And others say that he relies too much on his double, although he initially knew the show was heavily based on stunts.


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