April’s “Bullying Controversy” Grows as Hyunjoo vs. Chaewon & Yena Release Contradicting Statements


*UPDATE* Previous photos have been updated to accurately reflect the content of the article

April’s former member Hyunjoo admitted her group physically and verbally abused her for years. However, Chaewon and Yena soon take their social media to contradict the allegation.

On the 17th, Hyunjoo finally stepped up to address her side of the story. “The harassment began in 2014 when I was preparing for my debut. And It continued until the time I left the group in 2016,” she wrote. “During those three years, I was subject to constant verbal and physical abuse, mockery, cursing, and personal insults.”

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She then added that members’ insults about her family were unbearable and that the agency idly stood by. Hyunjoo continued, “Eventually, I attempted to take my own life, but they didn’t seem to have the slightest remorse.”

The controversy of bullying within April broke out last month when Hyunjoo’s brother wrote everything his big sister had to go through. It is the first time that Hyunjoo shared her story in person.

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After Hyunjoo posted her statement, Chaewon and Yena took their social media to refute Hyunjoo’s claims vehemently.

Chaewon wrote, “We all got along very well, since before and after our debut in 2014. All of the members and our families had good relationships, and my mom kept in touch with Hyunjoo’s mother. I have evidence of this. If Hyunjoo has a clear conscience, she will remember this.”

Yena also spoke out, saying, “I wanted to show the facts in court, but I can no longer just sit by these countless speculations.” She added, “However, I felt that she always considered herself as a victim and treated the rest of us like perpetrators even when things happened unintentionally.”

April’s agency DSP Media also called Hyunjoo’s post “a one-sided and distorted claim that is completely different from the objective facts.” In their statement, they wrote, “We will reveal the truth through legal procedures and solve the unfair treatment.”


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