Mnet’s ‘Kingdom’ Explains Why ATEEZ’s Score May Have Seem Incorrect 

Credit: Mnet

Mnet’s reality competition show for boy groups, Kingdom: Legendary War, came forward with an explanation for the issue over the total score of the first round of stages.

“The 10,000 out of 20,000 points of the first round were divided according to the share of votes. We rounded up the presented scores to their thousandth decimal points,” explained Mnet to Newsen on April 16th. It explains the controversy over the third episode of Kingdom’s total score, which aired on the 15th.

ATEEZ had topped the first round of the competition before summing up video scores and global fan votes. The group earned 1555.556 points from professionals and 1388.889 points from self-evaluation amongst the six groups. Consequently, these two add up to become 2944.445. However, the number displayed on the screen was 2944.444. Thus, some raised suspicions that there may have been an error while calculating ATEEZ’s total scores.

The total score for the first round is calculated by summing a 40% (8,000 points) of global fan participation, 25% (5,000 points) of professional evaluation, 25% (5,000 points) of self-evaluation, and 10% (2,000 points) of YouTube views. The six different teams will now compete for their second, third, and final rounds of performances.


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