Youn Yuh Jung Speaks Up about How She’s Built Her Career as a Single Parent

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Actress Youn Yuh Jung revealed that her career as an actress is all thanks to her two sons.

The distributor of Minari, A24, released an interview titled, ‘Living Like a Legend with Minari‘s Yuh Jung Youn’ to their official website on the 13th.

The actress said smoking relaxes her. She confessed, “If I have time between my schedule, I smoke alone. It soothes me.”

Youn Yuh Jung also revealed that she likes “Staying in bed the whole day” and “drinking lots of wine.” “I like to watch TV or doze off, not thinking about anything – I do whatever I want to do. I’m sorry to say that I’m enjoying quarantine because I can rest. I don’t have to see anybody,” she added.

The actress also spoke her mind that it is not wise to spend money on “drinking, drugs, or gambling.” She says, “Spending money on gambling is not a smart move. I mostly buy dinner for good friends, have wine together, or buy clothes for myself. That’s the kind of thing I spend money on. I’m very old-fashioned. I buy expensive clothes that I will keep for 30 or 40 years. I still have clothes that are 40 years old.”

She also showed her love for the two sons. “My two sons have brought me this far,” she says, “I became a single mother, and after that, I think I became an actress.” The actress explained, “I just accidentally became an actress. When I was 21, I earned great fame from my first movie, Woman of Fire (1971), and thought I was an outstanding actress at the time. Later on, I married, then divorced my husband, and became a single mother. To survive and feed my two boys, I took any role. And that’s how I have this career�”because of my two sons.”

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She also mentioned the Korean Karaoke culture. “I’m not a typical Korean because I cannot sing. I’ve never been to karaoke at all,” she highlighted. Bringing an end to the interview, Youn Yuh Jung spoke about what she thought of love. “Love is like a car accident,” she says, “You meet some guy�”you bump into each other�”and then you think you’ve lost your mind, and you go blind. Then it goes away, and of course, sometimes it’s painful, and it hurts, but you will outgrow it and become a mature person after that. But if the love lasts forever, that’s a dream.”


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  • I just love her in can you hear my heart. She’s a very good actress. Even though she’s old but she’s plays as if she’s in her thirties. That woman is the best. I love her😊

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