Seo Ye Ji Admits She Once Dated Kim Jung Hyun But States that the Texts Were Merely Lovers’ Quarrel


Since Dispatch’s report about Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun, the two actors became hot potatoes in Korea. Soon, the controversy grew into Seo Ye Ji’s school violence allegations and her fake educational background.

Finally, on the 13th, Seo Ye Ji‘s agency Gold Medalist addressed the issues through the official statement.

“Hello, this is GOLD MEDALIST.

This is an official statement on the recent report regarding our agency’s actor Seo Ye Ji.

First of all, we would like to apologize for the delay before releasing our statement.

After checking with Kim Jung Hyun’s agency, we have confirmed that Seo Ye Ji did not cause the related issue. Kim Jung Hyun also made himself clear that it wasn’t his intent to defame his peer actress and offered to release his explanation on the matter soon.

However, he expressed that he needs some time to share his statement to organize many of his overlapping events. We agreed that it is best to share our perspective first, as allegations continued to rise.

Also, We sincerely would like to apologize for canceling her appearance for Recalled press screening today and inflicting harm to staff, fellow actors, and reporters. Once again, we apologize for the delay in expressing our position.

Apart from Kim Jung Hyun’s position, it is difficult to understand that the leading actor could behave without his free will and solely abide by someone else’s opinion.

Excluded in the released texts, Kim Jung Hyun also requested Seo Ye Ji, who was filming a different series at that time, not to take kiss scenes. So Seo Ye Ji replied about his romance scenes, “Then, you shouldn’t take it either.” The message was a typical lovers’ quarrel between dating actors. However, most professional actors normally put their quarrels with their partners aside while pursuing their careers. We believe Kim Jung Hyun must have had other inevitable personal matters as well. However, the report includes personal conversations that should not have been made public. So we assume that it caused a major misunderstanding because they failed to understand that these are private conversations between lovers. In all, we deeply regret the fact that we caused many people’s concerns with immature actions in a romantic relationship.

Moreover, we received many questions about Seo Ye Ji’s educational background recently. So we would like to use this opportunity to clear the air. Seo Ye Ji had been admitted to the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain. But she failed to attend college as she began her career in Korea.

Furthermore, regarding the suspicions of school violence, we inform you that they are entirely groundless.

We once again apologize for the trouble we caused.”


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