‘The Penthouse 2’ Park Eun Seok Says Mouth-to-Mouth Scene with Lee Ji Ah Is the Most Memorable

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Park Eun Seok made a giant leap forward with The Penthouse 2. The actor fully blossomed his potential to the point where imagining Logan Lee as someone else is impossible.

In the center of the revenge laid out in The Penthouse, there is Logan Lee. In season 1, he goes back and forth between PE teacher Goo Ho Dong and wealthy man Logan Lee to find the true culprit who killed his stepsister Min Seol Ah. And in the following season, he meticulously and cold-heartedly plans out his revenge, taking charge of the thrilling plot and tension.

Finishing the second season, Park Eun Seok expressed his affection for the project and what he had felt through his agency.

Credit: Hunus entertainment, Magazine is

Q1. How do you feel about wrapping up season 2?

The Penthouse is full of surprises. Something always felt new, and I enjoyed the fun and happy work. I am grateful that I finished the long journey without any problems. As I gained so much and learned a ton, I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds next. So I ask for your support till the end.


Q2. What was the most memorable scene from this season?

Logan and Na Ae Gyo’s mouth-to-mouth CPR scene was the most memorable. Logan gave her CPR to save her. However, it was impressive to see how that scene portrayed their relationship, atmosphere, and upcoming changes in their relationship.

Q3. Logan Lee’s line “It’s payback” became a hot topic.

Initially, the script only said, “Logan Lee gestures with his hand to Ju Dan Tae, who is being dragged away.” But I thought that Logan Lee would want to comment on him. So I talked it over with director Joo Dong Min and thought about the short yet bold expression. And I came up with “payback.”

Q4. Is there something different you wanted to show from the previous season?

In season 1, Logan Lee was a player who personally wielded the sword of vengeance. But in season 2, he took a step back and became an observer who looks at the entire game. Rather than being a person who acts first, he helps with Oh Yoon Hee and Na Ae Gyo/Shim So Ryeon’s plots. And he would only step up at the decisive moments.


Q5. What is ‘The Penthouse’ to Park Eun Seok?

The Penthouse is a turning point for me. I think it is a very thankful thing and great luck for an actor to meet the perfect character. And for me, Logan Lee was the “perfect suit.” Through Logan Lee and season 1’s Goo Ho Dong, I got to showcase actor Park Eun Seok’s charm fully. I’m just grateful that this precious opportunity showed in front of me.


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