OnlyOneOf Asks People to Watch Their ‘libidO’ Choreography as an Art

Credit: Mnet
Credit: Mnet

OnlyOneOf became the talk of the town with their unconventional “R-rated” performance.

On April 8th, OnlyOneOf made a comeback with their new song “libidO.” Libido is defined with words like sexual instinct, sexual impulse, or sexual drive. The group artistically expressed it with props like ropes and dance moves that involve a lot of touching.

On the day of their comeback, OnlyOneOf performed on Mnet’s M Countdown. Their performance included provocative dances, including tying a member’s hands behind his back and the crotch grab move.

After the broadcast, this boy band’s stage was shared on an online community and gained nearly 2,000 comments. Some said their performance was “bold and daring,” while some expressed discomfort over their sexually suggestive dance moves.

Credit: 8D Creative

In response, OnlyOneOf’s member Love told News1, “I knew there would be a different reaction than before. But it went viral than we ever imagined.”

He explained their “libidO” performance follows the theme of human instincts and impulses. “If you know our music’s storytelling that continued since our debut, the performance will be more meaningful and interesting than provocative.”

Then what’s the meaning behind the ropes/lines used in the choreography? “We emphasized the theme of music using ropes. It’s also a device to let imaginations run wild,” Rie shared. “I hope you enjoy the overall expression rather than focusing on just one scene.”

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