WJSN’s Second Sub-Unit Will Debut This Summer

Credit: OSEN
Credit: OSEN

WJSN will introduce the second sub-unit group consisting of Seola, EXY, Bona, and Eunseo.

According to OSEN, Seola, EXY, Bona, and Eunseo will form WJSN’s second unit group and take their first step in early summer.

It is the second sun-unit from WJSN after Chocome, including Soobin, Dayoung, Luda, and Yeoreum. The unit released its debut single album Hmph! last year and drew keen attention to its cheerful and adorable energy.

Credit: OSEN

Seola, EXY, Bona, and Eunseo will attract music fans with completely different charms from Chocome. The four girls had already made headlines in 2019 when they covered NCT’s “BOSS” with their girl-crush charms.

Meanwhile, WJSN recently dropped a new smash UNNATURAL as a whole group. And with their comeback, the group won the trophy on a music show. Seola, EXY, Bona, and Eunseo will participate in the group’s full-fledged promotions while working on their unit group debut.


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