The Second Trailer for ‘Rain and Your Story’ Just Got Released!

Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment Korea, Kidari ENT

Rain and Your Story has revealed its second teaser. The film unfolds as Yeong Ho and So Hee coincidentally become each other’s happiness through a letter. The two promise to meet on a rainy December 31st.

In the clip, Yeong Ho and So Hee live repetitive daily lives, getting anxious about the unforeseeable future. However, they both grow as they write letters to each other. Yeong Ho calls himself a boring person, and while spending his third year trying to pass an exam, he isn’t sure about his future. On the other hand, So Hee has a dream but lives her life as she runs a store for used books with her mom.

As the two become happier with the letter they get from each other, Yeong Ho suggests meeting up on December the 31st. As she was writing for her sister, So Hee replies that they should meet on the date, but only if it rains, as it rarely happens.

The film will present viewers with warmth and comfort as the two young people take care of each other over letters. Rain and Your Story will be available in theatres nationwide from April the 28th.


Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment Korea, Kidari ENT

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