Three Things to Anticipate for in Kang Seung Yoon’s Solo Comeback

Credit: YG Entertainment
Credit: YG Entertainment

WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon is returning on the 29th as a solo artist with his first full-length album, PAGE.

As an acknowledged singer-songwriter and producer who made multiple WINNER hit songs, this solo album is more anticipated than ever. In a commentary film released on the 27th through his official blog, he introduced the first full-length album. He said PAGE is an “album that serves as a memoir. I included the things I’ve felt as a musician and what the human parts of ‘Kang Seung Yoon’ felt during the ten years.” The singer wrote and composed all 12 tracks in this album, including the title song “IYAH.”

A Resonance That Goes Further Than Relatability

Kang Seung Yoon discloses his story more frankly and freely than ever in this 1st full-length solo album. He will be presenting a meaningful resonance about his concerns and growth, something that only Kang Seung Yoon can offer. The title track “IYAH” will be relatable to many in this era, as it is about the burden of being an adult with responsibilities.

“IYAH” instantly catches the listeners’ ears with its overwhelming vocals, magnificent sounds, and sentimental melodies in the music video teaser. The lyrics that say “I’m still a child / Don’t pressure me in this tough world / How can I be good at everything when I’m also a human” raised fans’ expectations for the entire song, especially with Kang Seung Yoon’s passionate voice.


The Wide Musical Spectrum

Other tracks with various music genres are also looked forward to, as they play their parts in making the album musically complete. True folk sentiments, fierce rock sounds, sorrowful ballads, and cheerfully trendy Hip-hop are added to the album. Apart from the title song “IYAH,” the album consists of “WE NEED LOVE,” “BRUISE,” “SKIP,” “OBVIOUS,” “BETTER,” “CAPTAIN,” “WERE WE?”, “365”, “TREAD ON ME,” “HEY RAIN” and a special version of “IYAH.”

With Song Min Ho (Mino)’s help, “BETTER” captures the regret and sorrow of a past relationship. It also demonstrates the great synergy between the two WINNER members. The exciting song with band sounds and refreshing guitar riffs in its intro, “OBVIOUS,” was joined by Simon Dominic. The 12th track, “IYAH,” is also unique as Yoon Jong Shin participated in it. In it, Kang Seung Yoon asks questions about life, and Yoon Jong Shin answers them.


Kang Seung Yoon’s Sincerity: “I Hope This Becomes a Small Support”

This album embodies the thoughts Kang Seung Yoon had for a long time. He grew with the public right from his appearance on Super Star K, then becoming a leader and main vocal of K-Pop’s representative group WINNER and competing on King of Mask Singer as Chow Yun Fat. He said, “though “IYAH” started as a story I tell myself, it is also something I want to tell to those who are struggling out there. I hope it can comfort someone and serve as a catalyst to overcome hard times.”


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