Park Na Rae Posts Handwritten Apology Letter Regarding the Recent Controversy

Credit: Joongang Ilbo

Comedian Park Na Rae officially apologized for her sexual harassment remarks.

On the 25th, Park took her Instagram to personally apologize for her inappropriate actions and remarks.

“Hello, this is comedian Park Na Rae.
I thought a long time about what I should write. I’m sorry for causing discomfort to many people with inappropriate content in the web variety show ‘Hey Na Rae.’

I am an entertainer and a public figure. So it was my responsibility and duty to thoroughly check and review the planning process, from the characters to the acting, props, and appropriate expression. But because I wasn’t enough in these areas, I have disappointed many people.

I have received so much love over the years… I can only apologize to those who trusted and supported me. From now on, I will become someone who thinks more deeply about every word and every action. Once again, I apologize for causing concern this late at night.”

Credit: YouTube “Studio Waffle”

Park Na Rae was heavily under fire for her sexually harassing words in the second episode of “Hey Na Rae.” To make matters worse, more controversial actions followed her words.

With the continued uproar, Park Na Rae’s agency announced her exit from the show. They wrote, “We recognize that the videos caused discomfort to those who were watching. So we bow our heads once again and apologize. After discussions with the production team, Park Na Rae has agreed to step down from the show.”

However, the production staff eventually announced the end of the program. “Our greed has caused discomfort. We realize our huge mistake. In order to take full responsibility, we decided to abolish the show,” they stated. Currently, all “Hey Na Rae” contents have been deleted.

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