‘Joseon Exorcist’ Claims it was a “Mistake” After Coming Under Fire for Historical Negationism

Credit: SBS

Joseon Exorcist is currently editing its description on a Chinese streaming site.

Credit: SBS

SBS’s new Monday and Tuesday series informed on the 25th, “We are currently working on correcting translation errors, including those related to WeTV.” Earlier, controversy arose as WeTV introduced the show as “a show based on historical facts of North Korea’s founding” in English. Regarding the issue, the series’ officials explained that they are fully aware of the mistranslation and are working on the corrections.

On the 22nd, the first episode was the center of controversy for historical negationism. The production company then made an official statement on the 24th, saying, “We apologize once again for causing misunderstandings and inconvenience, especially during the sensitive era regarding Chinese art and props.” They promised to delete and edit out some of the problematic scenes in the future as a follow-up. They also stressed that the show has been “produced with purely Korean funds only.”

SBS announced, “We will suspend the first and second VOD until they revise the scenes. There will be a major revision to its plot over a week of break. We will do our best to prevent viewers from feeling any inconvenience by thoroughly going through the contents while producing Joseon Exorcist.”

Credit: SBS

Nevertheless, the controversy remains still as the viewers are still angry with Joseon Exorcist’s scenes. A series of brands that supported and signed deals with the show also withdrew their funding and advertisements.


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