BTS’s Jungkook Says He Used to Compare Himself with Other Groups’ Main Vocalists

BTS filled the small screen with their charms. Check out their love for ARMY and their passion.

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BTS delighted ARMYs with their appearance on Yoo Quiz on the Block. And youngest member Jungkook’s words have teared up his fans.

On Wednesday, BTS appeared on Yoo Quiz on the Block as a whole group. ARMY welcomed the group by purchasing all the commercials lots so there would be no breaks during the entire broadcast.

Credit: tvN

During the episode, BTS’s youngest member Jungkook opened up about what he had to endure as the main vocalist. “When I first came to Seoul, I was so scared of tall buildings and wide roads. After I moved into the dorm, I cried while eating cup noodles at a convenience store because I missed my mom,” he shared.

“I became a main vocalist. But when I saw other groups, their main vocalists sang and dance so well and so awesome. So I thought, “what am I?’ I questioned myself thinking if it was still right for me to be the main vocalist of this team.”

However, Jungkook has become the proud main vocalist of BTS. “I believed that only I could change who I am. So I canceled the separate vocal training time,” Jungkook added. “Whether I’m in a car or a bathroom, I practiced singing as much as I could in a day.”

To the question, “what is ARMY to me?” Jimin answered, “I think they are the people I love. That’s the only thing I can think of. They allowed us to feel so many emotions. We were young, but they allowed us to grow. They also comforted us by telling us ‘it’s okay’ even after we made many mistakes. So they made me understand why we say the words ‘I Love You.'”

Suga also added, “They are special. They were the ones who made it possible for us to make it into the US market. Radio is important in the US market, and they were the ones who got us in.”

Meanwhile, the BTS’s episode of Yoo Quiz on the Block recorded 6.74% ratings. This is a 1.4% rise from the previous week and the highest since the show’s premiere in 2018.

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