Jung Joon Young’s Ex-Girlfriend Explains Why She Dropped Hidden Camera Charges Against Him

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Jung Joon Young’s ex-girlfriend A stepped up for the first time and explained why she dropped the charges against him.

On the 23rd, A left a long comment on the in-depth report video of Jung Joon Young’s group chat case posted on YouTube channel “We dig till the end (literal title).”

A first introduced herself as “a person who sued Jung Joon Young for illegal filming in 2016.” She then added, “I didn’t sue him because he was neglecting me. And I didn’t drop the charges because Jung Joon Young coaxed me pretending to be my boyfriend. I dropped it because the lawyer told me that I could get charged with making false accusations for lack of evidence.”

“If I had known that Jung was such a vicious person who violated the human rights of countless women by distributing videos and even sexually assaulted them, I would never have cooperated with him,” A continued. “In this part, I am deeply sorry that Jung’s crime was not fully revealed due to the police’s poor investigation.”

A stated that she became a liar after Jung was cleared of all illegal filming charges. She then expressed her support for the victims. “The thought of Jung promoting even more actively pretending to be a victim had tortured me for years. However, I overcame resentments and regrets. And I have tried my best to support myself and regain my life. Now, I’m enjoying a happy life. I want to give hope to other victims that one day they will regain their happy daily lives just like me.”

Jung Joon Young is currently serving his five-year prison sentence on charges of mass sexual assault. He appeared at Seungri’s 11th trial as a witness on February 26th.


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