‘Beyond Evil’ Reached Its Turning Point. Will It Answer the Questions?

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JTBC’s Beyond Evil will open the second act of its mystery from the 9th episode.

Beyond Evil took a new turn in the 8th episode with the death of serial killer Kang Jin Mook. Lee Dong Sik and Han Joo Won took a step closer to the terrible truth that penetrates the past 20 years. But Kang Jin Mook offed himself after leaving a message, “Dong Sik, I didn’t kill Yu Yeon.” What’s the truth about the mysterious disappearance of Lee Yu Yeon? What other secrets are behind Kang Jin Mook’s death? The more we dig into it, the more complicated the mystery becomes. The production team revealed the clues to look for in the remaining episodes.


Shin Ha Kyun & Yeon Jin Goo, where is their dangerous cooperation heading?

Lee Dong Sik and Han Joo Won have reached a turning point after constantly provoking and doubting each other. Lee Dong Sik became enraged to find Kang Min Jung’s fingers in Manyang Super’s basement. With the faces of the victim’s family passing by Lee Dong Sik’s mind, he became strongly motivated to catch Kang Jin Mook.

Because he cannot prosecute a murder without a dead body, he came up with a clever plan. Like he said, “You have to be a monster to catch the monsters,” he firmly decided to end the tragedy even if that meant he had to become one of them. Han Joo Won was shocked to find out his plan. But at the same time, he felt empathy and pity because he regretted and blamed himself for using Lee Geum Hwa in his sting operation. Lee Dong Sik suggests a dangerous deal, saying, “After we find Yu Yeon, lieutenant Han, you put the cuffs on me.” The two then began their cooperation. Can Lee Dong Sik and Han Joo Won, who chose to cross the line to catch Kang Jin Mook, approach the truth?


What’s the secret behind the serial killer Lee Kyu Hoe?

Even with his death, Kang Jin Mook left a mystery. Why did he kill himself? How did he kill himself inside a lockup? Till the end, Kang Jin Mook stated, “I didn’t kill Yu Yeon. I returned Yu Yeon to you.” If what he says is true, that means that there is another monster at large. It also suggests that he has been harboring a secret. With Kang Jin Mook’s death, the case was brought back to square one. And the truth is still inside the thick fog.


What really happened 20 years ago?

The death of serial killer Kang Jin Mook surfaced the existence of another “monster.” The criminal was caught, but the case is still not over. As Kang Jin Mook died with a secret, the truth about “the day” from 20 years ago fell into mystery. Hence, the attention focused on Manyang residents once again. Nam Sang Bae was trapped in a mental ward after Yu Yeon’s disappearance. Nam Sang Bae made Lee Dong Sik the prime suspect 20 years ago. Han Gi Hwan closed the case. Councilor Do Hae Won and Lee Chang Jin, CEO of JL Construction, are also suspicious. The more the characters approach the truth, the more confusion arose. Will there be another “monster” among these people?


Director Shim Na Yeon shared, “From the 9th episode, secrets between the characters will be revealed. The feelings about who hid what and how much will be unraveled as well. In the process, changes in Lee Dong Sik and Han Joo Won’s relationship and feelings for each other will be the key points. You can also look forward to the appearance of the new ‘villain.'”


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