After School’s Lizzy Made a Female Hater Have a Taste of Her Own Medicine

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After School’s Lizzy (Park Soo Young) taught a vicious troll a lesson.

Since the 16th, Lizzy has taken her Instagram to release DMs (direct messages) from the hater A. The hater taunted Lizzy, “Your group doesn’t stand a chance with KARA or Girls’ Generation, right?” After that, she made fun of Lizzy’s name, saying, “What kind of name is Lizzy?”


Credit: Lizzy Instagram

Even on the 17th, user A did not stop harassing Lizzy. Lizzy continued releasing the malicious comments from the hater. When A saw her DMs circulating online communities, she wrote, “You even spread it (my messages) here.” She then compared After School to KARA again, writing, “Hey, you know what? KARA was more popular in Japan than your group was.”

There was zero sign of remorse. She added, “I told you to press charges against me. Why aren’t you doing it? I’ll see you in court.”


Credit: Lizzy Instagram

When Lizzy decided to take legal action and identified A’s personal information, A sent another message. “Thanks for suing me. But, how did you learn about my personal information?” The hater replied to Lizzy’s request for an apology, “Isn’t it normal for celebrities to commit suicide after suffering from malicious comments?”

Shocked by the last message, Lizzy decided to reveal A’s name. Lizzy wrote, “I hoped I never have to share this screenshot of yours with the public. I didn’t want to become a lame person like you are. But I guess I’ll get even with you for this. Stop sending hate messages to other celebrities or other members of the group. If you think us committing suicide is a normal thing to do, you are out of your mind. You should go see a doctor, 28-year-old Kim XX from Kimpo.”


Credit: Lizzy Instagram
Credit: Lizzy Instagram

Lizzy exposed hater A’s ID registered in MONSTA X’s online fan community. She wrote, “Are you the same person? How many personalities do you have?”

After Lizzy went ahead with his legal actions, the hater got cold feet. She wrote, “I get it, let’s stop. I’m exhausted. I’m having a tough time with my life.” However, it has been revealed that A has also left malicious comments to former PRISTIN member Roa.


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