UPDATE: TVXQ’s Yunho Attempted to Flee After Getting Caught at an Illegal KTV bar; SM Denies Allegations


Credit: SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment strongly denied the allegations raised by the previous report.

“This is SM Entertainment.

Today, unverified facts were reported to the media regarding Yunho, so we are sharing our official statement.

It was an unmistakable fault that Yunho failed to comply with the social distancing regulations, and he is also deeply reflecting. However, he is not accountable for any convictions other than violating the social distancing regulations.

All Yunho did was go to the place that his friend told him to talk about his worries. It was his first time visiting the site.

Also, the only people that Yunho spent time with were his friends. It is not at all true that a female employee was sitting with them. When the police arrived, only managers took care of the payment, no female employees.

In addition, Yunho did not attempt to flee when the police arrived. Instead, he faithfully cooperated with the police and the public officers performing their official duties. He immediately confirmed his identity on the scene and was sent home. When a dozen plainclothes police suddenly rushed in, some of his friends protested, unaware that they were police officers. �

It is deeply regrettable that an unproven report was made to the media.

We will accept criticism and punishment about the wrongdoing, but please refrain from making groundless speculation.”



Credit: MBC

A few days ago, a report about TVXQ’s Yunho being under police investigation for breaking the social distancing regulations hit the wire. But the more detailed information of the incident was reported.

On March 12, MBC’s Newsdesk exclusively reported that Yunho broke the social distancing regulations on the night, his acquaintances got into a physical brawl with the police. To make matters worse, Yunho reportedly attempted to flee.

According to the report, Yunho had a drink with his friends in an arcade located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The venue he visited was registered as a regular restaurant but is an unauthorized karaoke bar that only members can enter.

Yunho drank with three acquaintances and a female employee until midnight when police officers were rushed to the scene. Yunho’s acquaintances got into a physical fight with the police to help Yunho flee the scene.

The police are looking into charging Yunho’s acquaintances with obstruction of justice. The Gangnam-gu District Office has decided to take administrative measures against the business for violating quarantine rules.

Earlier on March 9, Yunho reportedly investigated for violating social distancing regulations. At the time, the singer expressed his sincere apology and regret. He shared, “I am very ashamed of and angry with myself for being unable to abide by the business hour restrictions when meeting with my friends. I fully understand that many people must be outraged and upset by my wrongdoing.”


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