Hong Hyun Hee’s Alleged School Violence Victim Apologized

Credit: NYLON

Comedian Hong Hyun Hee dropped the lawsuit after receiving an apology from K, who raised suspicions of school violence.

On March 13, Hong’s agency Bliss Entertainment shared, “Hong Hyun Hee filed a complaint against K for defaming her with false information on the 11th. However, after Hong asked for a face-to-face meeting, K contacted us on the 12th and apologized, saying that there were errors in her memories. She has also deleted the post she wrote on Pann Nate.”

They continued that Hong met with K and decided to withdraw the complaint after personally receiving an apology.

Earlier, Hong was suspected of being a school bully when K, her high school classmate, claimed that she was emotionally bullied by Hong’s clique. She wrote, “Did you enjoy making J and me outcasts? I remember how you used to criticize their looks and exclude them. … The time in the classroom was like hell, and I went to school crying day after day. My grades suffered, and I had a hard time with depression the next few years.”

However, the agency immediately refuted that the writer “has been habitually writing things like this for many years” and heralded legal actions. Hong Hyun Hee also expressed her frustration, saying, “My appearance in school was no different from now, so how could I have made fun of someone’s appearance and made them into an outcast? That makes no sense.”


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