LABOUM’s Solbin is now Hosting a Road Documentary on Top of Her TV Appearances!

LABOUM’s Solbin is demonstrating her abilities as an all-around entertainer, as she does not only act in a movie, make special appearances in a drama, but also will be hosting a road documentary.

Credit: News1

After being the lead character of the movie Can You Only See Me (literal title) and appearing on Oh My Ladylord, Solbin is now taking over as a host of a road documentary, Market These Days in Solbin’s Neighbourhood (literal title).

The artist previously starred in the comic-horror film Can You Only See Me with Jung Jin Woon and Kwak Hee Sung and MBC’s new Wed-Thurs series Oh My Ladylord, remaining active in her career as an actress.

Furthermore, she is also in charge of a road documentary about markets for small business owners, who have been struggling due to the COVID-19 situation. Expectations are rising how Solbin will further unravel the documentary with her outstanding charms.


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