IZ*ONE is Officially Disbanding by This April

Credit: Swing Entertainment, Off The Record

IZ*ONE has decided to disband. Mnet announced on the 10th that “IZ*ONE’s activities will come to an end in April as scheduled.”

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Ahead of the expiration of the exclusive contract in April, IZ*ONE went under discussions for extending their activities. CJ ENM wanted to extend the group’s activities the most. Though CJ ENM continued last-minute meetings with the 12 members and their agencies ahead of the end of the IZ*ONE project, it was concluded that there will be no extension of activities.

The arrests of producer Ahn Joon Young and CP Kim Yong Beom for their fabrication of results of the Produce 101 series have also hindered IZ*ONE’s extension of activities. As the group created through Produce X101, X1, disbanded shortly after the production team’s arrest, the extension of IZ*ONE’s group activities also became an impractical plan.

Credit: Swing Entertainment, Off The Record

Mnet stated that they have been listening to each agency’s opinions and discussing for the best of the 12 members ahead of the end of the IZ*ONE project. “IZ*ONE’s project which started with their debut in 2018 with Color*IZ and grew into a beloved girl group representing Asia, will end in April as planned.”

Credit: Swing Entertainment, Off The Record

IZ*ONE will hold an online concert, ONE, THE STORY, over the course of the 13th and 14th in which they are to meet fans for the last time. After being loved by fans at home and abroad throughout the two and a half years, IZ*ONE member are to deliver their final greetings directly to their supportive fans at the concert. Mnet added that Mnet, Swing Entertainment, Off The Record thank all 12 members of IZ*ONE for being wonderful so far. “We will support their further growth as artists so that they could continue the fantastic stories they have made together. We ask everyone for support and anticipation for their future appearances.”


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