Check Out the Behind-The-Scenes Stories of the Captivating Love Triangle in ‘Love Alarm 2’

Credit: Netflix

Netflix has released the behind-the-scenes video clip of their upcoming original series Love Alarm 2.

In a world where love is only proven by love alarm, Love Alarm 2 depicts the straightforward romance between a woman who can’t make her “love alarm” right and two men who desire to know her true feelings. Today, Netflix unveiled the behind-the-scenes video that will make the drama fans’ hearts flutter again.

The released video shows a more updated series, including the characters’ love relationships, actors’ chemistry, and their story. The “matured romance” of Jo Jo, who cannot recognize her true feelings because of the “shield” function that hides her feelings, and the two men surrounding her will bring about even more heart-fluttering moments for viewers around the world.

Director Kim Jin Woo shared, “I tried my best to bring out the actors’ interpretation as naturally as possible,” adding to expectations for the confusion that Jo Jo (Kim So Hyun) feels between two men, the straightforward love of Hye Young (Jung Ga Ram), and deeper feelings of Sun Oh (Song Kang), who will show a whole different side in the coming season.

In addition, you will get to enjoy the expanded worldview. The ripple effects of the love alarm that has deeply affected everyone’s lives and the large and small incidents related to the application make the story of season 2 richer. And the released video attracts attention with the behind-the-scenes footage of the filming site and the solid chemistry of the actors who met for the second time.

Meanwhile, Love Alarm 2 will be released on Netflix on March 12.

Source: Netflix


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