Cast of ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ Show Loyalty as They Agree to Re-Shoot Free of Charge

Credit: Victory Contents

Cast and production staff members of KBS 2TV’s drama series River Where the Moon Rises have demonstrated wholesome teamwork amid the crisis.

Credit: Victory Contents

The show recently faced a critical situation over Ji Soo’s school violence controversy. About 95% of the 20-episode series has already been filmed, but the controversy had led the lead actor to unexpectedly drop out.

The production company explained in response, “We had no choice but to consider the innocent victims including numerous staff, actors, and the production company.” They revealed to have decided to cast a new actor, Na In Woo, and proceed with re-shooting the drama.

Credit: Victory Contents

Then Lee Ji Hoon, Choi Yu Hwa, and Wang Bit Na decided not to receive the fees for re-shooting. On the role of Jin Bi, Wang Bit Na said on the 8th that she decided not to be paid for the re-shooting of River Where the Moon Rises due to her loyalty to the director and the executive of the production company. Lee Ji Hoon playing for General Go Geon also stated, “While we are currently re-shooting for a lot of scenes, we decided not to receive any guarantee for it. I also intend to cooperate and help the production team as much with the drama.” Choi Yu Hwa who plays Hae Mo Yong also joined the ‘no guarantee circle.

Credit: Victory Contents

Meanwhile, Na In Woo will be appearing as On Dal from the seventh episode of KBS 2TV’s Mon-Tues series River Where the Moon Rises. The episode will air at 9.30 p.m. KST today (8th). Whilst Na In Woo was scheduled to appear from the 9th episode, the team re-shooted and re-edited the scenes starting from the 7th to make it smooth-running. As actors and staff have united with loyalty for the show, more attention is focused on how the show will do moving forward.


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  • All of the greatest people in history did something bad in their past. Seems to me that it is a Taoist belief many things in life are both contradictory but both are still true. A person can go off and kill all kinds of people in horrible ways and yet still be one of the best fathers and in fact a become a pillar of the community. Acting a part in a play or movie or tv series has a way of giving back to the community that can be immeasurable and far outweigh any bad things one might have done. He may have had a psychological episode in his past but but he is better now and he should be allowed to do the thing that allows him to give back in the best way he can which in this case is through acting. To do this to the actor now just proves that the director and other people in charge are no better than now than the actor was when the shootings took place. It proves that the only thing they care about is putting people down and destroying them for any excuses whatsoever rather than uproot their hero doing things in the present time. What they should be doing is promoting the the fact that no matter what bad things one has done in the past one can , as this actor did, overcome those past transgressions To become something greater that can inspire others to do better. Even the gods have done terrible things for the wrong reasons but they still turn around do wonderful things for others

  • Jisoo is the best in this role why replacing him he already did some filming he should finishing the shoot and those rumors against him who ever that person is should investigate her

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