‘Beyond Evil’: Let’s Review the Hints from the First Two Episodes

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JTBC’s Beyond Evil is receiving favorable reviews for its delicate production that captures the character’s complex emotions, well-structured script, and actors’ enthusiastic performances. Beyond Evil is a mystery thriller about a detailed psychological warfare between police officer Lee Dong Sik (Shin Ha Kyun) and elite detective Han Joo Won (Yeoh Jin Goo) as they chase after a murder similar to an unsolved case 20 years ago, and the intertwined stories of people around them. Before we start tracking the truth in earnest, we will review the hints given to us in the first two episodes.


Shocking ending in episode 2. The murderer is Shin Ha Kyun?!

Credit: JTBC

The very beginning of the incident dates back to that day 20 years ago when Lee Dong Sik was a 20-year-old man. An employee of Dong Sik’s favorite cafe is found dead, and the younger sister of twins disappeared without a trace, only leaving 10 fingers behind. And Dong Sik was picked out as a prime suspect when his guitar pick was found by the dead body. What happened to Lee Dong Sik that day? In addition, viewers fell in shock when Lee Dong Sik was seen putting down the severed fingers, believed to be those of Kang Min Jung, who he cherished like his own nephew, as if he were putting them on display in front of a market. From his considerate side of taking care of his neighbors to being branded a prime suspect of cold cases from 20 years ago, and to the recent Kang Min Jung case, his unpredictable bizarre behavior has thrown viewers into the world of chaos.


Double-sidedness of elite detective Yeo Jin Goo

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After Han Joo Won was sent to Manyang, a skeleton of a body that was murdered the same way from the 20 years old murder case was found. And the body was identified as Lee Geum Hwa, who Han used as bait in his sting operation. The body was found as if the killer knew when Han would come to Manyang. Even after realizing that the victim is Lee Geum Hwa, Han decided to keep the knowledge to himself. He, who snapped at Lee Dong Sik, � shows a double-sidedness to the death of a woman he has put in danger. Why is he after this case, and how is he connected to Lee Geum Hwa’s death?


Shady characters

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To Han Joo Won, who questions the whereabouts of the missing report from 20 years ago, Park Jung Je of the Moonju Police Station only gives vain excuses. There is no way to know his thoughts as he continued to doubt and defend his friend Lee Dong Sik. Chief constable Nam Sang Bae put the brakes on Han Joo Won, who is chasing the case from 20 years ago. Nam is the one who branded 20-year-old Lee Dong Sik as the prime suspect of the murder case, and the sight of him silencing Han when he questions the relationship between the two only raises more questions. On top of that, Han Joo Won’s father, Han Ki Hwan, who stopped investigating the case 20 years ago, and councilor Do Hae Won, who was bent on developing a new city under the catchphrase “City without Crime,” also showed unusual presence.


The production team shared, “The twist involving Lee Dong Sik is just a beginning. The compelling chase after the truth where no one can be trusted will be unfolded in earnest. Please wait and see what the incident that shook Manyang with the same method as 20 years ago means and whether Lee Dong Sik is the real culprit.”

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