Everglow’s Aisha Denies Allegations of Making Sexual Remarks and Being a Perpetrator Of School Violence

Credit: Yuehua Entertainment Korea

Everglow’s Aisha denied allegations of making sexual remarks and being a school bully.

On the morning of Feb 23, Everglow’s label Yuehua Entertainment Korea stated, “We’ve checked with the artist herself and we’ve learned that (the claims) are not true at all.”

They continued, “We don’t even know who the writer is. Please stop from spreading indiscriminate speculative reports and dissemination of false information that have not been confirmed. If this continues, we will take strong action to protect our artist.”

Earlier on Feb 22, a lengthy article was posted on an online community under the title “AS, an idol member born in 2000 is a perpetrator of school violence.” Though the name of the idol wasn’t written, netizens speculated that she’s Aisha from Everglow based on the content of the post.

The writer claimed, “She always had a mask on to become a celebrity, and she was one of the delinquents in school.” She then claimed that after she started dating Aisha’s ex-boyfriend, Aisha started making sexual remarks towards her like “How far did you guys go?” or “I had sex with him, but you haven’t?” She continued, “At first, I ignored her words because I thought it was a joke, but it became worse, and she started saying things like ‘I can smell your *****’ or ‘I’m sorry for ** that he fell for that *****’ whenever I walk passed her.”


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