Kwon Yuri Says She’s on ‘A Week Before Farewell’ because She “Empathized with the Character”

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Kwon Yu Ri is to greet viewers on SBS FiL’s mini-drama A Week Before Farewell which will air from the 22nd to the 26th. As a romance drama, it illustrates the story of Ga Ram who dies from an accident before her marriage. She is part ways with her fiancé Sun Jae (Hyun Woo) within a week, in pursuance of saving his life. Kwon Yu Ri got to work alongside Hyun Woo as Park Ga Ram, an independent character who lives without getting caught up on her past pains.

Kwon Yu Ri expressed how she felt about participating in the show through her agency.

Credit: SBS FiL

Q1. What is the reason behind your decision to feature in the drama?

Once I read the script I related to it a lot as it was your average love story of men and women in their 20s and 30s. I also felt a deep resonance by the end of it. I decided to appear in the show as I wanted to successfully deliver this message as Ga Ram.


Q2. How similar are Kwon Yu Ri and Park Ga Ram?

Ga Ram is an ordinary person, except she is honest when it comes to love and owns a cool personality. How she changes her attitude towards love and becomes more mature after realizing how Sun Jae has tried to protect her, is particularly enticing. I think we’re similar in the way that she always expresses her emotions genuinely, and does not give up on the people and situations she is related to. Perhaps that is why I was able to find Ga Ram’s character more so relatable.


Q3. Any scenes you find memorable?

I am reminded of the final scene when Sun Jae hopelessly calls Ga Ram. I remember having a difficult time controlling my emotions even after the scene, as it touched my heart while I was acting.


Q4. What kind of actor would you say Hyun Woo is?

I felt that he a warm person who is genuinely considerate. He would contemplate with me in each scene, and thanks to him the set felt really comfortable and enjoyable.


Q5. How would you rate your chemistry with Hyun Woo?

The harmony with the actor was the most important thing in this drama, so we went into shooting after having sufficient conversations. I’d like to give our chemistry 90 points. I think the director filled the remaining 10 points. (She laughs.)


Q6. Were there any difficulties or challenges during the shoot?

Since most scenes revolve around Ga Ram’s emotionality, I pondered on saying lines and acting in delicate ways, dense with details. It wasn’t a difficulty per se, but I put a lot of effort to minimize using my emotions while I wasn’t filming, in order to focus more on the role of Ga Ram.


Q7. You’ve also participated in the OST.

I felt a strong fondness for the drama, so I’m happy and delighted to be able to sing the main theme song “Time of the Time.” I liked the song so much from the moment I listened to it that I repeated it and even set it as my alarm. I remember joining it with a happy heart, as I got such an opportunity.


Q8. Please say a word to the viewers.

I’ve gone into shooting both with smiles and tears during the hot summer. It would mean a lot to me if you could be reminded of what preciousness feels like through A Week Before Farewell, and empathize with it. Please give it a lot of watches. Thank you!

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