Here are Some Celebrities Who Refuted Claims of School Violence to Take Legal Actions

The issue of celebrities who were involved in school violence has dominated the real-time searches and rose to the surface as they received the attention of netizens. The current situation is chaotic, as a number of unconfirmed rumors are being spread.

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Suspicions arose on the 20th for Soojin of (G)-IDLE as a perpetrator of school bullying within an online community. A post that was previously made on a community about Soojin’s verbal abuse towards an actress was once again highlighted, as netizens assumed that the victim was Seo Shin Ae. After suspicions got bigger with Seo Shin Ae leaving a cryptic message on her Instagram saying “None of your excuses,” Cube Entertainment announced that the details were false. The agency hinted at their legal actions, and Soojin posted in the fan-cafe on the 22nd saying “It is true that there were always bad rumors about me in school. I smoked a few times out of curiosity and dressed in clothes that did not suit my status as a student. However, I have never assaulted, rode a motorbike, nor sent a group message to outcast someone.”

Apart from her, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and former member of I.O.I Kim So Hye were also called out as a ‘celeb involved in school violence.’ This was also due to rumors that began in online communities.

A post was made titled “I’m exposing Se*******’s Kim ***gyu, who used to be a school bully.” The original poster introduced themselves as a fellow student at Mingyu’s middle school, claiming that they were violated by the singer and his gang. While the post has been deleted, it spread through social media, and an official from Pledis Entertainment informed DongA Dotcom that “as a result of checking with him, the made claims are groundless and obviously false.”

Another netizen claimed that Kim So Hye was a school bully. Her agency, S&P Entertainment stated that this was something they already dealt with 3 years ago and claimed charges for spreading false information, but ended with leniency. “This time, we asked the police for investigation. We will not take any leniencies this time,” they warned.

Credit: TV Chosun

The industry is in a frenzy as multiple claims are being made. This includes the school violence claims for the trot singer Jin Hae Sung and actor Kim Dong Hee. Both clarified that they will take legal actions against those who distribute false rumors for malicious purposes.


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