‘High School Rapper 4’ Contestant Kang Hyun Drops Out After Allegations of Sexual Violence

Credit: Mnet

Kang Hyun, a contestant of Mnet’s High School Rapper 4 has decided to drop out of the show after allegations of his sexual violence were raised.

Credit: Mnet

On the 20th, an insider from Mnet informed Starnews that “High School Rapper 4‘s contestant Kang Hyun has decided to depart from the show.” They added, “the production crew has confirmed with the cast himself after noticing the Internet postings about Kang Hyun. He informed us of his position to drop out of the program, saying sorry for causing an issue.”

Suspicions and controversy about Kang Hyun’s sexual violence arose on the 19th after a netizen claimed to be a victim of his, on an online community. Kang Hyun has been appearing on High School Rapper 4 as one of the 40 contestants.

A post was made on to an online community titled “I am a victim of **** by High School Rapper 4’s Tendo (K.H.)” The original poster claimed that they are a victim of Kang Hyun’s sexual violence. In the summer of 2018, Kang Hyun had asked them to drink together, and though a student at the time, they followed him as they were curious. The OP continued that they were later sexually violated in Kang Hyun’s studio.

Credit: Mnet

The mentioned post raised suspicions of Kang Hyun, and thus became more controversial as it spread through various online communities and SNS.

“The production team had several in-depth meetings with 40 contestants before the show began. However, we were not made aware of Kang Hyun’s issue in the process,” the insider said.

Finally, they ended by saying that the production team decided to edit out all of the recorded clips related to Kang Hyun. “We apologize for the inconvenience to viewers,” they said.


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