Choi Min Ho and Kang Daniel Push Themselves Over the Limit in ‘Law of the Jungle’?

SHINee’s Minho and solo artist Kang Daniel have challenged their first-ever survival within a jungle.

In an episode of SBS’ Law of the Jungle: Pioneers aired on the 20th, pioneers from various fields have gathered to the site of survival.

On the same day, SHINee’s Minho said it was his first entertainment show since he was discharged from the Marine Corps, and that he was trying to erase the traces of a soldier from himself. “I actually really hate coldness. Even when I went to the army, the hardest thing was to sleep outside in the cold weather. I thought I wouldn’t have to go through a hard time once I was discharged from the military, but here I ended up in the Jungle,” he exclaimed.

This is also the first jungle survival for Kang Daniel. “I’m a real homebody. This is the first time in my life I’ve worn so many clothes layered on each other like this,” he confessed. However, it was soon after seen that Kang Daniel was shoveling, and challenging his first-ever rock climbing rappelling.

Credit: SBS

The two arrived at the survival site with Park in the episode. In their presence, Choi Sung Min jokingly asked, “Shouldn’t young people come early?” However as he saw who they were, Choi Sung Min drew laughter as he quickly responded saying “Isn’t that Kang Daniel? That’s Minho. Oh, how did you have time to come here when you’re so busy?”


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