MONSTA X’s I.M Apologizes After Being Under Fire for His Concept Photos

Credit: Starship Entertainment

Starship Entertainment released an apology and deleted the concept photos of MONSTA X I.M’s first solo debut.

Credit: Starship Entertainment

The set of photos became controversial as the artist was seen wearing a shirt with sacred Islamic phrases. His agency, Starship Entertainment stated on MONSTA X’s official fan cafe on the 15th, “we deleted all concept photos of I.M’s digital mini-album DUALITY in which he was seen to be wearing costumes containing religious meanings.”

The agency also added, “We did not recognize the religious meaning behind the costume and failed to do sufficient inspection in advance.” They apologized saying, “We sincerely apologize to those who have felt uncomfortable about this.”

Credit: Starship Entertainment
Credit: Starship Entertainment

Starship Entertainment apologized again at the end by saying that they will make sure to take closer looks at details in the future. “We will be more careful so we do not let this happen again,” they stated.

I.M, a member of MONSTA X, is scheduled to make his comeback with a solo album DUALITY on the 19th. This is the first solo album since his debut. However, some of the items of clothing in the recently released concept photos have become controversial, which the company eventually apologized for and deleted. Starship Entertainment has issued an apology both in Korean and English.


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