Lee Min Jung Celebrates Her 40th Birthday In the Car

Actress Lee Min Jung has celebrated her 40th birthday.


On the 16th, Lee Min Jung posted on her SNS account saying, “Thank you for all the overwhelming amount of congratulations. I will make sure to live to pay back for everything. I’ve saved all the photos that I couldn’t upload in my heart. I’m very touched.” The actress also posted multiple pictures.

In the revealed photos, was Lee Min Jung celebrating her birthday in a car which was decorated with various ornaments. Born in 1982, Lee Min Jung celebrates her 40th birthday this year (based on Korean age).

Son Dam Bi left a comment on the post writing, “Happy birthday.” Sung Yu Ri said “Happy Birthday, Min Jung.”

Credit: Sports Chosun

Lee Min Jung got married to actor Lee Byung Hun in 2013 and now has a son. She is to return to the big screens with her first film in nine years, Christmas Present (working title).

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