TOO’s Cha Woong Gi Explains The Reason Behind His Message in The Group Chat

Boy band TOO’s member Cha Woon Gi revealed why he sent the message in the group chat.


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As the idol told his fellow colleagues off for arranging group meetings amid the pandemic and the respective social-distancing policy on the 15th, he shyly mentioned that he “never imagined it to blow up this much.”

Cha Woong Gi drew attention as it was belatedly known that the singer criticized his colleagues who were planning to hold a group hangout in the university group chat. He wrote with a strong tone, “this is a group chat for 2021’s freshers, and I think your words and actions are crossing the line. And having a drinking party with nearly 20 people at the Konkuk University’s entrance does not really seem like something to brag about.”

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While someone in the chat also mocked his name as they made jokes with it, he calmly left a message. “I said everything I wanted to say. It’s not like they tell you not to gather in more than five for no reason, so it’s a bit weird to ask people to go drinking altogether,” he wrote, before leaving the group chat.

After the screenshots of the chat became the hot topic, Cha Woong Gi told SpoTV News that he never imagined it would blow up this much. “I just said what I should because it felt wrong to say nothing in such a room with that many people,” he explained how he came about to make such a statement.

He added, “We, TOO, are upset that we can’t meet up with our fans properly due to the COVID-19 situation, so I want to work hard together to overcome it. Many people are going through a hard time.”

Credit: Stone Music Entertainment

As a 20 years old (Korean age), Cha Woong Ki will enter the university as a freshman this year for acting and arts. After debuting as a child actor in The King and I back in 2007, he performed as an actor in works such as Yi San, The Iron Empress, Definitely Neighbors, and Jejungwon.

He was selected as a member of TOO through Mnet’s To Be World Class in 2019 and made his debut last year. TOO was loved by viewers for their perfect performance and refreshing charms in Road to Kingdom.


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