Yoon Jong Shin, Yoo In Na, and Dindin Open Their ‘Phone Cleansing’ Services

Credit: MBC

“How many photos do you have saved on your phone right now?” A service which organizes your photos, ‘phone cleansing’ will be newly starting.

Credit: MBC

MBC’s new entertainment program Phone Cleansing will be aired first on the 9th of February. Phone Cleansing is a variety talk show that organizes tens of thousands of photos that are piled up on phones. Thus Yoon Jong Shin, Yoo In Na, and DinDin will be opening a ‘digital pop-up store’ as they organize photo albums and share honest stories with star guests.

The recent news about the serious environmental problems caused by the amount of carbon dioxide emitted to protect online data has also been a hot topic. Hence, Phone Cleansing is a show attempting to protect both memories and the environment.

Daily photos and personal stories of stars that have never been revealed nor uploaded to their SNS will also be released through the new program. The first guests to visit Phone Cleansing are K-Stars Jung Il Woo and Kim Sung Eun. It is rumored that Kim Sung Eun, a mother of three, has more than 50,000 photos of her three children and surprises the MCs with the extremity of raising kids and the reality of being a mom. Jung Il Woo, the originator of ‘boyfriend material pics’ showed unexpected charms as he turned out to be bad at taking selfies.

The refreshing combination of the hosts is also something to watch out for. Yoon Jong Shin returns with even more mature hosting skills while Yoo In Na pays attention to her clients’ stories. DinDin, the best ‘trendy’ entertainer of 2021, joins as a technical advisor as he handles the devices and analyzes the albums within them. Expectations are also high as stars are to reveal photos which they kept to themselves, while also talking about stories related to the mentioned photos.


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