Stray Kids’ Han Apologizes After He Came Under Fire for His Racist and Ableist Lyrics in His Past Rap Song

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Stray Kids’ Han (Han Ji Sung) apologized when the inappropriate lyrics he wrote when he was 13 years old became controversial.

On Feb 2, Han apologized with a handwritten letter, in which he wrote, “First of all, the lyrics I wrote around 2013 when I was 13 years old are now controversial, causing great concern to fans and many others. It’s my fault and I won’t layout any excuse. I am truly sorry.”

“I wrote ignorant lyrics thinking that I wanted to rap during my immature days. I apologize for hurting many people because of the lyrics I wrote without enough thoughts,” he added. “I read through the comments left by many people, looked back on my past lyrics, and thought a lot about them. I chose to be a singer to express myself through music and empathize with more people, but I’m only ashamed of myself for writing these lyrics in the past.”

Earlier, Han came under fire for his self-written rap that he posted on YouTube when he was a middle school student. The lyrics for the song included words like “Are you a kkamdoongie foreign laborer, you motherf***ing pig bird” (kkamdoongie is a pejorative term used against people with darker skin). His lyrics also includes disrespectful words that points finger at mentally-ill patients in an offensive way.

Han continued in his letter of apology, “I will reflect on myself and repent more because I know that it is not an act that can be forgiven just because I was young. I’ll always cherish the importance of love and support from so many fans at home and abroad, and I’ll be a person who stands on the stage with responsibility. Once again, I sincerely apologize to all those who’ve been hurt by my past actions. I’m sorry.”

Credit: allkpop

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