[PICK] Korean Actors Who Are Making Their Long-Awaited Comeback to the Big Screen

Edited by Hong Hyun Jung
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

Space Sweepers, set to be released on Netflix on Feb 5, has been drawing keen attention as a film making a new attempt with the rare story in a space. Of course, the fact that it’s Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri’s comeback to the big screen adds to the expectations. This year, more stars are making their long-awaited comeback to the big screen. Let’s check out who.


Kim Woo Bin

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Kim Woo Bin, who halted his activities after being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017, will return to the big screen five years after Master. His comeback project is director Choi Dong Hoon’s Alien (working title). It is an SF film about aliens and people in South Korea, and Ryu Jun Yeol, Kim Tae Ri, Jo Woo Jin, Yum Jung Ah, So Ji Sub, and Yoo Jae Myung have confirmed their appearances. The project is expected to be a mega-scale blockbuster, filming for both part 1 and part 2 simultaneously. Originally, Kim Woo Bin was cast to take the lead in Wiretap (literal title) prepared by director Choi, but the production was indefinitely postponed due to the actor’s health issues. When he made his complete recovery, Kim Woo Bin joined Alien instead.


Lee Min Jung

Credit: KBS

Lee Min Jung, who lead the weekend drama Once Again to success, chose a film as her next project. Her comeback to the big screen come nine years after she starred in the 2012 film Wonderful Radio. Her new film The Christmas Gift (working title) is about a scandal-maker top star facing an event that changes his life upside down. Kwon Sang Woo and Oh Jung Se have been cast to play top star Park Kang and his friend and manager Jo Yoon, respectively, while Lee Min Jung takes on the role of Soo Hyun, Park Kang’s ex-girlfriend who appears in front of him out of the blue.


Lee Dong Wook

Credit: tvN

We get to meet Lee Dong Wook, who mostly showed up on small screen, on a big screen. The first film he choose a decade after the 2010 film The Recipe is a rom-com film Single in Seoul. It is a traditional romance story about an influencer who is happy to be alone and an elite editor of a publishing company writing a book about single life together. Playing Young Ho, an lecturer who became a social media influencer after posting articles that praise single life, Lee Dong Wook will work with Im Soo Jung, who turns into an excellent editor but is a fool in love.


Joo Won

Credit: SBS

Joo Won, who returned to the small screen with Alice last year after getting discharged from the military and later headed to the stage for the musical Ghost, will now make his comeback to the big screen. This is the first time in years for him to star in a movie since Fatal Intuition (2015) and Sweet Sixteen (2016). The work he chose is director Kwak Kyung Taek’s Firemen, based on the 2001 Hongje-dong fire incident. He took Yoo Seung Ho’s shoes with his trust for the director after Yoo exited the production when the schedule was delayed due to the pandemic, and teamed up with Yoo Jae Myung, Kwak Do Won, Lee Yoo Young, Kim Min Jae, Jang Young Nam and Lee Joon Hyuk.


Kang Ha Neul

Credit: Sony Pictures, KIDARIENT

Kang Ha Neul will greet viewers with two films this year – the youth film Story of You and the Rain and the historical adventure film The Pirates: Goblin Flag. First, Story of You and the Rain tells the story of a man and a woman who permeated into each other’s lives in the process of meeting and waiting, and for the project, Kang Ha Neul worked with Chun Woo Hee. For the second film The Pirates: Goblin Flag, he plays the leader of righteous outlaws who unexpectedly landed on a pirate ship and showcase his playful performance. This marks his return to the big screen three years after Midnight Runners and Forgotten, two films from before his enlistment.


Park Bo Gum

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Park Bo Gum, who joined the Navy last year, worked hard till the end that his hiatus hasn’t really hit us yet. Following Record of Youth that gained enthusiastic responses throughout the show, Park Bo Gum will release two new films this year, Seobok and Wonderland. Earlier in his career, Park left a deep impression with Coin Locker Girl (2015). Seobok tells the story of a former intelligence agent who goes on his final mission, which is transporting the first human clone safely, getting caught in dangerous situations as several forces acquire Seo Bok for their own agenda. Park Bo Gum plays the first human clone Seobok and present bromance with Gong Yoo. His second film Wonderland is about those who video call with their families and lovers who have passed away, and Gong Yoo, Tang Wei, Choi Woo Shik, Jung Yu Mi and Suzy have been cast alongside Park for the film. The fact that this is Late Autumn director Kim Tae Yong’s comeback project has drawn keen attention.


Jung Kyung Ho

Credit: Cookie Pictures

Jung Kyung Ho, who is currently preparing for Hospital Playlist 2, will show off his presence in a film like he did in Manhole (2014) and Amor (2015). Daemuga: Sorrow and Joy, which premiered at the Busan International Film Festival last year, and Apgujeong Report, which he partnered with Ma Dong Seok, are gearing up to greet viewers. For Daemuga: Sorrow and Joy, which tells the story of three shamans battling with their skills to seize the one god, he reunited with his Life on Mars and When the Devil Calls Your Name castmate Park Sung Woong. Meanwhile, Apgujeong Report is about a native of Apgujeong and a grumpy plastic surgeon with excellent skills opening the heyday of the plastic surgery business in Gangnam. The film officially finished filming in November last year.


Im Si Wan

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Im Si Wan, who is currently receiving much for his romance with Shin Se Kyung in the drama Run On, will make his comeback to the big screen. First, Boston 1947 is the second project the actor chose since his discharge from the military following Strangers from Hell. Boston 1947 tells a rousing tale of the Korean athletes who ran the 1947 Boston International Marathon. Emergency Declaration, which finished filming in November last year, is the first Korean aviation disaster film about a plane that declared an emergency landing amid an unprecedented disaster. Im Si Wan became a passenger who boarded the plane alone and worked with prominent actors such as Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Nam Gil, Kim So Jin and Park Hae Joon.


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