DSP Media Launches New 7-Member Boy Group ‘MIRAE’

Credit: DSP Media

DSP Media is launching a rookie boy group formed with 7-members under the name of MIRAE.

The company unveiled MIRAE’s logo video on various SNS channels on the morning of the 1st, making the group’s debut known officially. In the released video, the sensuous logo unique to MIRAE can be seen against the backdrop of a mysterious universe. The ingenious logo animation of Korean consonants forming the group’s name MIRAE especially catches the eyes.

In addition, their English name which is the romanization of the Korean word for ‘future’ drew enthusiastic responses from K-pop fans around the world. MIRAE’s group name suggests that they want to be the band to open the new future of K-pop. They also expressed their wish to work with the public to move toward the future together.

With the release of their logo video, they started a full-fledged promo activity for their debut. Starting on the upcoming 2nd, the 7 members are to be revealed on official YouTube and SNS channels. Images are expected to be uploaded at midnight, and teaser videos at noon.

After the unveiling of the group’s members, they are expected to introduce their own variety program through Naver’s V LIVE and YouTube channels from mid-February.

The show will vividly portray MIRAE’s sense of humor along the process of their debut as a ‘Super Rookie’.

Meanwhile, as they started their debut process, MIRAE will release their monumental debut album in March and present a new direction for the future of K-Pop.


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