Casting Director Who Sued Park Eun Seok for Spreading False Rumor Is Reported to Be in Multiple Lawsuits with Other Celebrities

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It has been confirmed that casting director Cho, who filed a lawsuit against The Penthouse: War in Life actor Park Eun Seok, has been in various disputes with a number of celebrities for a long time.

Cho filed a civil suit with the Seoul Northern District Court in December last year, claiming that Park has spread false information about him and caused years of suffering. But as it turns out, Park Eun Seok is not the first person who got into a legal battle with Cho.

Last year, Cho sued A, a female rookie actress who was active in dramas and movies, on charges of spreading false information about him via group chat room (the same reason he used to sue Park). In October 2020, the Seoul Northern District Court later ordered a restraining order against Cho when he visited A’s house and caused a disturbance.

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In addition, Cho was confirmed to be the person who sued musical actor Kim Ho Young for sexually harassing him inside a vehicle in 2019. The prosecution cleared Kim of all charges.

Back in 2012, Cho was also found to have been sentenced to prison for engaging in a dispute with B, a woman who began to gain fame at the time. At the time, Cho claimed that announcer B breached a contract for wedding pictorial and caused him much damage and released his one-sided claims to the press, saying that B even physically assaulted him. However, he was sentenced to 10 months in prison on defamation charges and false accusations against B.

In 2011, Cho was sentenced to prison in the first and second trials for continuously sexually assaulting a 16-year-old middle school girl, saying that he would make her a famous celebrity, but was acquitted by the Supreme Court. Since then, he has filed a civil and criminal suit against the girl for false accusations, but the court judged that no charges were established, and this is the famous “Eunbyeol case” that was revealed through SBS’s Unanswered Questions in 2015.

When SBS Entertainment News requested for confirmation about all the aforementioned cases, Cho refused to make any statement. Instead, he argued, “I have sent in the proof of my job as a casting director to the court, and the person who shared Park Eun Seok’s writing was fined 2 million KRW for spreading false information. If you release biased information or disclose my personal information, I will file a civil and criminal suit against the reporter.”

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